Sri Arunodayam is a non-profit organisation, registered under the Indian Trust Act, where we undertake the care and rehabilitation of orphaned and abandoned mentally challenged children. Our aim is to provide a safe environment where these children have access to their basic rights - of protection, education, healthcare and a happy childhood.

Over the last decade, Sri Arunodayam has been instrumental in transforming the lives of many abandoned children. This is solely possible through contributions from people like you. Apart from our excellent staff, we depend on your donations to meet the day-to-day needs of our children.

We welcome your interest in our work and your aid. No contribution is too small, because every gift makes a world of a difference to a child!

Given below are a few ways that your input can be utilised.

Serial No Donation Options Amount
1. Sponsor any amount for the welfare of a child...
We value your contribution and involvement.
2. Sponsor a cup of milk for a day for 100 children…    
Milk is essential for all growing children and each child at Sri Arunodayam is given a cup every day.
3. Sponsor living expenses for a child for a month…      
Your contribution will ensure that a child benefits from the essentials – food, clothing, shelter and education.
Rs. 500
4. Sponsor a dress for a child…      
On a special occasion in your life, your thoughtfulness towards our young ones here is a blessing to you.
Rs. 600
5. Sponsor diapers for a child for a month…      
Basic necessities such as diapers need to constantly be replenished. Your contribution towards this is always welcome!
Rs. 650
6. Sponsor Special Education Training for a child for a month…     
Your aid will enable a child to learn a skill, which is crucial in the rehabilitation process. You are empowering a child!
 Rs. 650
7. Sponsor vegetables for a day for 100 children Sponsor vegetables for a day for 100 children...     
…Children need to eat healthy and your gift will ensure that they have a healthy meal.
 Rs. 700
8. Sponsor psychiatric medicines for a child in residential care...
Your donation will provide a child access to essential medical care.
 Rs. 750
9. Sponsor physiotherapy treatment for a child for a month…

We have trained therapists who treat the children, ensuring that they regularly improve their motor skills. You can help put a child back on his/her feet!
 Rs. 750
10. Sponsor an evening snack for a day for 100 children…     
Your gift will provide a healthy snack for all the children!
 Rs. 1,000
11. Sponsor breakfast for a day for 100 children…     
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and your donation will give the children valuable sustenance.
 Rs. 1,750
12. Sponsor dinner for a day for 100 children…     
Your contribution will ensure that each child goes to bed, well fed!
 Rs. 1,750
13. Sponsor an annual health check for a child100 children…     
Each child at Sri Arunodayam is given a regular medical check-up. Your contribution is vital is ensuring that every child is fit and healthy.
 Rs. 2,000
14. Sponsor lunch for a day for 100 children…     
Your gift is crucial in guaranteeing a healthy mid-day meal for each child.
 Rs. 2,500
15. Sponsor vegetarian meals for an entire day for 100 children …You can go one step further and provide all the meals (breakfast, lunch, evening snack and dinner) for all the children! Our only stipulation is that when you do, please come over to Sri Arunodayam and share the meals with us – the children would love to meet you!  Rs. 6,000
16. Sponsor a monthly recreational outing for 100 children…     
All children love holidays and picnics. Your gift will ensure that our children are taken out on a picnic once every month!
 Rs. 10,000