Related To Donations:

How does Sri Arunodayam raise its funds?

Sri Arunodayam would not be able to run successfully without the active support of various individuals. In fact, the majority of our core funding comes through donations from individuals. In addition, we supplement our funds by maintaining active partnerships with various grantee partners.

What can I donate to Sri Arunodayam?

We appreciate and value your help and contribution in whatever form it may be. Apart from financial donations, we accept clothes, provisions, toiletries, medicines, furniture, kitchen appliances, electronic equipment, and other useful items.

How do I send my financial contribution to Sri Arunodayam?

Financial donations can be sent by Money Order, Cheque or Demand Draft. Please make it out in favour of Sri Arunodayam Charitable Trust, and post it to 35, Sivananda Nagar, Kolathur, Chennai – 600099. Please avoid sending cash by post.

How much of my contribution is exempt from tax?

All financial donations to Sri Arunodayam are eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961. This information is provided on our receipts and it is adequate proof for claiming tax exemption. The tax rebate is 50% of your contribution.

How can I help you process receipts faster?

Please write your full name and address on the reverse of the cheque, DD or the covering letter. Kindly also mention which way you would like your donation to be utilised. For outstation cheques, it would be helpful if the address and pin code of the bank is mentioned as well. Cheques usually take five working days to be processed and we issue receipts as soon as the cheque is realised. Once that is done, the receipt will be couriered/ posted to the address that you have provided.

Related To Children:

What are the criteria for admitting children? At Sri Arunodayam, we only admit abandoned, mentally challenged children, who are referred to us by Child Help Lines, Child Welfare committees, the police and by the Department of Social Welfare through the Cradle Baby Scheme. We receive children who are orphans, or those who have been abandoned, neglected or surrendered by their biological families.

What is the age group that Sri Arunodayam serves?

Sri Arunodayam serves all age groups. We have two separate homes, one for babies and one for children. In the babies unit, there are 40 babies ranging in age from one month old infants to six years of age. In the children’s unit, we have 65 children between the ages of seven and twenty.

What is the procedure if a child passes away?

In such an event, if possible, we inform the parents as soon as we can. If we are unable to locate the parents, we perform the last rites and burial and inform the department that referred the child to us initially.

What is the duration of a child’s stay at Sri Arunodayam?

Since all our children are either orphans or have been abandoned, it is our responsibility to provide lifelong care and protection to them.


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