Care and Support

At Sri Arunodayam, we provide care, shelter, food, clothing and medical treatment to all the children who have been admitted. Though abandoned by their biological families, various Child Welfare committees, Child Help Lines, the police and Government Welfare Departments have rescued and referred them to us. Currently, there are more than 100 children of various age groups residing at the Sri Arunodayam shelter.


Professional Therapy

We provide holistic therapy aimed at the overall improvement of each child’s motor and cognitive skills. These include occupational and speech therapy, as well as physiotherapy for physical development training. Towards this end, we have a highly qualified team of therapists who aid the children.


Special Education Training

We regularly assess the children to understand their special education needs and capabilities. Based on this assessment, we then organize individual skill training with a focus on helping each child develop life skills and cognitive skills.


Psychiatric Treatment and Medicines

All our children need psychiatric attention and some of them frequently suffer epileptic seizures. Hence, we regularly give each child a complete medical assessment. Our medical panel has a trained psychiatrist and neurologist, who constantly monitor and treat the children.


Short-Stay Home for Homeless Mentally Challenged Children

We also extend short-stay facility and care for homeless, mentally challenged children. Those children who are rescued by the police, are referred by the Child Welfare committee to Sri Arunodayam for a short stay. They remain with us until they are provided a suitable home.


Networking and Referrals

We network with similar organizations across the state, in order to provide appropriate rehabilitation when required. accommodation for children, as well as undertaking suitable rehabilitation when required.



We maintain individual records for all the children who come through the doors of Sri Arunodayam, with exhaustive details including the child's background, immunization, medical history, legal process and records.


Vocational Training

Recently, we launched our vocational training unit, Prayatna, which means ‘a good effort’. This vocational training unit has been established to train and employ sixteen of our residents, who are above the age of 18 and have the ability and strength to undergo such training. The vocational training offered at Prayatna also serves as a form of occupational therapy. The students enjoy sitting at their desks, listening to the special educators, observing the demonstrations, trying their hands at what they are asked to do and helping one another. Prayatna is an excellent opportunity for the children of Sri Arunodayam to engage, learn, work and be productive citizens of society.

Prayatna now offers training in book binding and paper bag making. The adults are trained in sorting paper, counting, stitching, pasting and cutting. Prayatna has partnered with Sampoorna, the outreach program of Good Shepherd Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Nungambakkam, Chennai, for the process of book binding. Soon, we plan to begin block printing, envelope making, a garden nursery unit and more. We are studying various options that would suit our children’s abilities.


Reception Unit

The Tamil Nadu government has recognized Sri Arunodayam as a reception unit that can provide shelter and daily care to children referred by the Child Welfare committees in five districts - Thiruvallur, Chengalpattu, Villupuram, Ranipet and Chennai.


Resource Mobilisation

We have an extensive donor database who we contact regularly. We send mails intimating them about the developments and progress at Sri Arunodayam. Our staff calls them on the phone to greet them on festivals and special occasions. It is interesting to note that almost 98% of our meals are sponsored by individual donors. We have an excellent system where donors can call us and book the meals they would like to sponsor on specific dates.

There are individual donors who donate groceries on a monthly basis. Some sponsor clothes and toiletries. It is exciting for us to note the evolving healthy attitude of celebrating birthdays, wedding anniversaries, special occasions and observing remembrances by sponsoring food for abandoned, mentally challenged children.



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